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At what point in the production process for an app should a developer begin to form a marketing strategy?

Marketing should not be an afterthought. Apps that are successful typically begin marketing a month or so before launching to build momentum. You want to gather as many people to blast your launch announcement to as possible so that you can take advantage of the way Apple charts apps during their launch. There's a rolling window of time where you basically have a bonus to your charting, which means if you can use that bonus to chart high in a category - or even better - overall, you have a much greater chance at success. Apps live or die by charting. It could be the difference between an app that makes $3,000 over its lifetime, or an app that makes $1 mil in the first month.

Don't great apps market themselves?

No. The App Store will market great apps if you manage to garner enough attention through charting, or being featured by Apple. To do that you need to generate a lot of buzz around your app externally so that a percentage of those people will translate into downloads.

What are some common mistakes made in app marketing?

Not doing it. :) There are plenty of good and bad ways to go about it, but I'm not a marketing expert. What I do know is that not marketing your app will 99.9999% of the time result in failing to achieve the goals you've set.

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