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respects the time and skill level of those maintaining the site. When the opportunity arose to help WATG build a new administration tool from scratch, I jumped on it figuring that I could use my long experience as a site planner and designer to create a system that made things easier for designers to create and clients to maintain. And that's exactly how it's worked out.

Three years later, it's gratifying to see other CMS developers on very large open-source and private CMS projects coming to the same conclusion and making major changes in their products to achieve the same result of more flexible and targeted content management. I feel like I was ahead of the curve in being able to solve those issues for my current clients.

Why didn't you use an open-source CMS like Wordpress or Drupal or Joomla for the WATG project?

Folks often think that "open source = money savings" or "open source = time savings". While it's true that there's a very large developer community out there for those platforms, that doesn't necessarily mean that open-source is the best option for getting good ROI.

As I've said, every client's site is different and I can guarantee before a project even starts that my clients will have custom needs. So, what that means is that they have to customize the open-source software which takes time and money. Customized open-source software is resistant to upgrading. I can't tell you how many times I've had customized versions of WordPress break because the newest version overwrote or broke custom code. And once an update breaks the site, there you are again - spending more money just to get your site back to its original working state.

And what happens if the original programmer disappears? Suddenly, the client has to scramble around trying to find another programmer who can trace back over what was done (which costs money) and then have them pick up from there (which costs even more money). Again, I've had this scenario happen to my non-MCMS clients a number of times.

MCMS is a fully hosted and supported system. 'That means you'll always be able to get your site's programmer on the phone when your site's not work as it was guaranteed. That means that if a glitch happens with your site's hosting, you'll be

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