does a good job
of combating
all the bad stuff
of life.
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Ultimately, I press through all that stuff and finish the art. I'm my biggest critic, and I have to step away from a piece for a while when I feel finished to see if it's really finished.

What is it that inspires you to paint a particular subject?

This is something I've been analyzing about myself for a longtime. My simple answer is beauty. It motivates me to get up in the morning, and does a good job of combating all the bad stuff of life. When I was younger and sort of picking a direction for my art, I thought about making art that makes political statements, or points out all the wrongs in society. This would have been an easy direction for me. In the end, I felt reminding people about beauty would be my strongest path of action to positively affect the world.

What is it about the ocean and waves that keeps you painting them?

From a purely logistical/professional artist point of view, it gives people something to remember me by. That's not the reason I paint the ocean. Since I could first walk, I've been obsessed with the beach. My parents have lots of stories. Most of my most memorable moments in life occurred at the beach or in the water. I'm fascinated by waves because I'm a surfer. I also use waves as a metaphor for life. They are beautiful, yet scary at times. The ocean gives life, and so easily take it. Surfers never master waves either, at best they do a nice dance on them. The wave ultimately decides their destiny.

What are you working on at the moment?

I'm working on a more abstract ocean series. I'm also working on a more abstract pieces to fill in the Vapor section of my website that is rather empty at this point.

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