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The wall-mounted screens are accompanied by a comfortable mini-lounge-like seating area where visitors can relax with their cafe beverages. Each of these locations are likewise accompanied by an iPad 3, which is running a custom iPad app designed and built by Swarm. The iPad provides the ability to smoothly browse through all of the artwork in the Studio 1 archive. But there is more... when you highlight a piece of art that you find interesting, it magically appears on the wall display, allowing guests to view the art in large format.

Visitors to Studio 1 are captivated by the ability to manipulate and control their own private viewing sessions. Art on the iPad's retina display is, of course, spectacular. But being able to also see it on the large high-definition digital wall display is an experience not soon forgotten.

"We do a lot of very interesting things at Swarm." says Swarm founder Eric Stewart "What we like to do the most, though, is innovation and interactivity. The Studio 1 iPad project encapsulates everything great about new media and our ability to experience common things in brand new ways."

As exciting as the iPad is to use at Studio 1, you won't find this app in the iTunes App Store. Why?

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